Screen Printing

We are a printing company that offers across-the-board screen printing solutions for corporate organizations NGOs, schools, hospitals, etc.  From t shirt screen printing to pen printing to reflective jackets printing, we make it our business to provide quality printing services within quick turn around for our clients.

  • Rotary Screen Printing -BrandWorld takes pride in the ownership of one of the most technologically advanced rotary screen printing presses globally. Coupled with a full in-house pre and post-press comprising of an image setter, a screen-stretching device, an exposure unit, an express screen machine (for direct printing on screens for short runs) and a conveyor dryer, BrandWorld ensures quality throughout all the production processes. With a capability of printing up to 9 spot colors per time and a speed of more than 1,000 units per hour, the machine is mainly designed for printing on garments / textiles. i.e. - T-shirts - Hoodies - Bags - Umbrellas - Promotional Products
  • Flat Bed Screen Printing -This technology is designed for printing on all types of flat and cylindrical surfaces and materials allowing decoration on wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, fabric, leather. The product range here includes: - Promotional products - Drinking Glass - Ceramic mugs - Name Plates - Labels - Decals - ABS boards - Packaging containers - Travel mugs
  • Pen Screen Printing -This prized addition to BrandWorld prints on pens, pencils, rulers, golf tees, key rings, lighters and other small flat and cylindrical items that are difficult to print on flatbed printers. This equipment supports great precision, registration and speed.

Whether it's a sporting event, a campaign, product launch, product activation or a gesture to your loyal customers, BrandWorld is the printing company to turn to for quality, affordability, uniqueness and quick turn around. For orders and inquiries, send us an email on or call us on +254 709 456000

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