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Floating Through the Tides

When we were first heard of Corona virus, we never imagine that it was going to a global epidermic; most of us thought that it was a chinese affair and would soon pass with the wind. Little did we imagine the whole world going under economic lockdown because of Covid 19…..not even us at Brandworld Communications did we anticipate that our work cultures were to completely change.

When it all begun, and Kenya was listed as having had its first Corona patients; everyone got so scared and no one really even thought of the economic repercussions, all we thought about was how to be safe. But again the economic issues started rising while we were at home and offices closed; the food, the rent, and many more needs started staring us in the face…..

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What ifs?

The Corona Virus epidermic brought to the fore lots of questions that most businesses never considered as needing answers and strategic planning; below are a list of questions that lingered on:

  1. Are our products and services suited for times like these?
  2. Does our company have a reliable digital presence that can fully replace our physical operations?
  3. How do we keep contact with our loyal clients when we cannot physically visit their offices and business premises

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Strategic Alignment

The key to stay afloat the Corona Virus tide is to think outside the box and aligning your corporate goals to the changing times. Just like any other epidemic that has ever him the world before, they always present new economic opportunities. While some businesses will fully close down, some entrepreneurs will launch out new ventures. 

Keep Your Brand Image

Image is everything, so goes the old adage. Nowhere is this a reality than in today’s cut-throat global business environment. Every Company is trying to put their best foot forward, and consumers are bombarded by endless options, spoilt for choice. In the end, its the companies that don’t take chances with their image and branding that stand out. We exist for this fundamental reason – to make companies stand out, irresistibly.


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