Doming is a technique in which a clear resin is sprayed on a print. This produces a beautiful three-dimensional effect. After the liquid is cured by UV light, the stickers become more resistant to light, heat, water and scratches. This gives them a much longer shelf life than regular stickers.

Moreover, they also look very valuable. As niche products, doming stickers are used in a variety of sectors which comprise of:

  • Manufacturing Industry- Trademarks, company logos ...for appliances, computers, electronics
  • Signage- Letterings, nameplates, labels
  • Promotional Items- Key rings, magnets, pens, Lapel pins, fridge magnets.
  • Auto industry- Lettering, badges and bumper stickers / labels for cars, motorbikes,      boats.
  • Textile- Caps, luggage tags, T-shirts
  • Presents and souvenirs Lapel pins, medals and sportive goods, plaques, trophies
  • Furniture, computers and other gadgets labels